STx Project

Middleware and integration platform - STX

The STX in a middleware and integrator, that is, a program that can transport, translate, decompose and adapt messages between two or more applications. Its front-end (FESTX) implements the HTTP, Web Services, Rest and Socket protocols, necessary to interact with the most diverse technological platforms.

In addition, it can interact in a native way with proprietary systems like UNISYS and IBM mainframe platforms, also Unix Servers, database servers and client / server systems and also provides schemes to exploit the existing security in the systems, ensuring that each client or provider (internal or external) can perform operations only on accounts (or services) that have been previously authorized, thus ensuring the privacy and integrity of the data.

STX Main features

Uses BPMN standard to model processes

STX Designer allows you to orchestrate business processes using a graphical interface based on BPMN.

Integrates multiple channels on the middleware layer

The STX Front End (FESTX) allows you to expose the functionality of the Middleware translating and communicating the same output to different environments.

Middleware with multiple applications

The STX Middleware and integrator allows you to execute processes which involve multiple applications (legacy and modern), making data flow through the process regardless of the technological differences between applications.

Continue using applications with few or no changes

The STX Gateways are built to add new functionality with as little impact to an existing application as possible. Taking advantage of the reliability and familiarity of the existing application minimizing the time to market and risk.

STX Scope

Mitigate "growing pains" of proprietary applications

STX allows for proprietary application to employ the latest technologies like a mobile, web and others, without the associated costs of replacing these applications. If you have replace a legacy application, STX can help to make the transition smooth by allowing incremental changes avoiding the sudden traumatic change.

Integration with them all

STX uses industry standard messaging scheme such as XML, HTTP, SOAP, Restfull also specific messaging like ascii/ebcdic stream, virtual terminal, data packet on socket and others.

Application integration

The efficiency of STX to propagate and centralize updates through multiple applications, make it a fundamental piece for the integration of applications.

Multi-layer development

For its simple, reliable and modern model the STX is ideal to support the business logic in new developments.

STx Project